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The sedge family (Cyperaceae) numbers ca. 5000 species worldwide, making it the third largest family of monocots. The genus Carex L. comprises roughly 40% of the family by species, making it one of the largest genera of angiosperms. Carex species are ecologically important members of floodplain forests, dry prairies, alpine meadows, peat lands, swamp forests, sedge meadows, and a wide range of other communities.

This LifeDesk currently encompasses the approximately 1700 species of Carex that are not in subgenus Vignea (for the ca. 300 sedges of Carex subgenus Vignea, we have a separate Lifedesk at http://vignea.lifedesks.org). Work presented on this site is supported in part by NSF DEB Award 0743157 to Andrew Hipp (the primary contact for this site) in collaboration with Eric Roalson (collaborating PI). Please email Andrew Hipp with any questions about this site.

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    Carex albursina, inflorescence. From live plant collected in cultivation, Dane Co., Wisconsin, USA.
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